Built on a World-Class Technology Platform

The BRON Property Management System leverages a multi-million dollar, 256-bit encryption, cloud-based platform to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and automation.  This allows our customers to focus on their core business and eliminate the risk of escalating and changing fees by municipalities.

System Integration


The BRON Property Registration Management System integrates into any loan servicing platform, allowing for clients to know exactly what their loans are doing on the platform which they work.

 Additionally, the loan servicer will have better tracking and internal reporting for this compliance component. Property preservation company oversight has never been better.

Registration File Scrub

BRON scrubs every loan for correct municipality jurisdictions, tax areas, HOA, and utility companies, collecting data that servicers do not have.  This data can then be passed on to client in any format for future use.

Property Status Transitions

Property information changes constantly, and municipalities need to be updated and notified on many of these changes.

 BRON easily handles these transitions, and updates municipalities, tracking every change.  Examples include:

  • Law Firms
  • Property Preservation Companies
  • REO Agents
  • Insurance Information



Data Loading


The BRON Platform provides you flexible options for data transfer to ensure your data is loaded in a timely and automated fashion.  With our initial 3-day setup phase, our data specialists work with your team to automate, test, and load your data.



Data Cleansing


With our cloud-based data cleansing engine, we analyze your data to ensure fields such as zip codes, counties, and other property related data, are loaded and scrubbed at run time.  This reduces the demands on our customer’s technical resources during the property registration and maintenance process.


Complex Rules Engine


The heart of the BRON Platform is a complex rules engine that maintains and checks the ever-changing ordinances of cities, counties, and States to discover any changes, and flag associated properties for immediate registration in order to avoid fines.  The BRON monitoring program has saved tens of thousands of dollars in late registration fees for our customers.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics


BRON’s advanced analytics and reporting engine provides real-time visual and detailed analysis of your property registration status. Personalized reporting packages are available to meet your specific needs.