Services We Offer

Property Registrations

We are a National Property Registration, and Preservation Compliance & Fulfillment vendor working with:

  • Loan Servicing Companies

  • Creditor Attorneys

  • Investors

  • City Ordinance Code Enforcement

  • Client facing portal

Utility Verifications

We handle all communications and maintaining all the utility bills and managing the paperwork:

  • National level utility verifications

  • Activations/deactivation

  • Winterization

  • ICC certification

  • Maintain monthly bills

  • Monitor utility credits

  • Advance Utility fees

  • Reporting

  • Client facing portal


Bron Will Manage the HOA process from beginning to end:

  • Bringing HOA payments current

  • Maintaining HOA Payments

  • HOA Payoff – Ensuring fees adhere to state statute

  • HOA identification

  • NY HOA – Maintain payments per state law

  • Advance HOA fees

  • Reporting

  • Client facing portal

Technology Platform

The cloud-based BRON Compliance Platform is absolutely the best in class of any system, tracking all compliance and fulfillment processes.  It enables us to automatically load and cleanse your property data, which is then analyzed for default and utility requirements.

Bron guarantees best in class SLAs, pricing, reporting and, most importantly, services for ALL of our processes.

Our Team

Our team is composed of high-quality individuals who have worked in every part of the Real Estate / Finance Industry, from Loan Originations, Loan Servicing (including boarding, default and REO), and Due Diligence.  Our broad depth of knowledge end-to-end ensures we understand your requirements and how to manage the complex aspects of the compliance process.


BRON has been working with and serving municipalities for many years, in all areas of code enforcement, violation tracking, and utility verifications.  We become full partners in assisting servicers and property preservation companies complete requirements for property code enforcement.