Bron Services:

Vacant, Foreclosure, Rental & REO Registrations

With the largest municipal database in the country, our registration package indemnifies our clients against any fines, penalties, late fees, and warrantee that you will always be in compliance.  We handle every issue related to registrations above and beyond every other service provider.

Violation Monitoring, Tracking and Curative

Property Violations, Fines & Notices: track, monitor and cure (following servicer rules) all property notifications (ALL – by any municipality).

Utility Verifications

Verification of all utility balances and curing any balances at the same time, with guaranteed faster turn times for all curative issues.

Utility Activations, Disconnects & Account Maintenance

  • Will activate and/or deactivate utilities per client instructions

  • Will coordinate with client property preservation vendors for any on-site services

  • Will maintain accounts, making any payments necessary to ensure the accounts are always current, client has verified statuses and billing within client systems are up-to-date.

  • No account will have any late charges or assessed fees unknown to client ahead of billing

HOA Verifications / Super Lien Protection

  • Determine if the property is subject to an HOA
  • Confirm the status of HOA payments
  • Submit a request for notice to the appropriate County
  • Handle communication to ensure properties are not lost to HOA foreclosure
  • Seamless process to service transfers


The BRON Technology Platform, built on a multi-million dollar cloud-based platform, enables us to provide automated management, notification, and registration maintenance.  This removes the risk for our customers and reduces our costs so we can provide our customer the best product at the best price.


The BRON founders and operations team leveraged their deep understanding of the loan servicing process end-to-end, and built best-in-class processes and procedures, integrated with technology to provide an optimal registration process.  Our team and technology are working together to provide the best possible solution.