Our Team

Eric Moore

Chief Information Officer

Eric Moore has over 10 years of industry experience, primarily spent as a Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Appraiser.  He has a passion for taking on new challenges and finding unique solutions.  When not at the office (which is rare, because what’s better than working at Bron?), Eric enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Kevin Hamilton

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Hamilton brings 17 years of industry experience to Bron, as well as a passion to constantly improve himself and his surroundings. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys riding his motorcycles and flying his drone, although not at the same time. That would be dangerous.

Todd Imwold

Chief Operating Officer

Todd brings over 20 years of mortgage servicing experience to Bron. He has a passion for solving problems.  When not focused on how to help our clients, he is the lucky husband to Karen and grateful dad to Connor and Abi.  From time to time, he enjoys playing racecar driver.

Karen Imwold

Vice President – Risk

Karen Imwold has over 16 years of experience in the financial service industry.  She has a passion for working with team members to develop effective and efficient processes, ensuring work is completed accurately and on-time.  She is the equally-blessed wife to Todd, with whom she loves long walks in the park and mountain bike rides with the kids.

Kim Clarmont

Vice President – Systems

Kim McCann has 18 years experience in accounting and managing day-to-day operations.  She has prior experience setting up and managing “start-up” companies that remain successful today. In her spare time, she can be found making memories with her little munchkins.

Amy Lee

Director of Client Experience

Amy is excited to be part of the Bron team, bringing her “get it done” attitude, along with over 13 diverse years of customer service. She has a sister who is not only her roommate, but also her wombmate (TWINS!). Amy is a certified phlebotomist, and although she is pretty, she is not “vein.” Amy enjoys spending her spare time with her family and her spaztastic puppy.

Shawn Bennett

Assistant Vice President – IT

Shawn has over 15 years experience in information technology. He has been fortunate enough to work on projects with companies like 3M and Sony over the years. When he isn’t in the office he likes to escape fluorescent lights and venture out under the sun for hiking, biking and his favorite, playing with his desert toys. These activities aren’t complete without his family and friends.

Jason Gembler

Assistant Vice President – Operations

Jason Gembler brings over 20 years of default mortgage servicing experience to Bron. Jason’s passion is to build a better Bron. Jason enjoys helping out on the family ranch, hunting, fishing and most importantly spending time with his family.

Karla Ballard

Compliance Team Supervisor

Before starting her career at Bron, Karla was a Senior Mortgage Loan Processor for 14 years. Her experience has translated well to her current role of Compliance Team Supervisor, where she is well-equipped to provide training and support for her team. Karla enjoys camping, swimming, and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Taunja Biggs

Compliance Team Supervisor

Taunja’s 20+ years of customer service experience have made her integral to Bron’s success. She is married to the love of her life and has three beautiful children. Some of her hobbies include reading, music, and entertaining. Taunja’s personal motto is “Be a fountain, not a drain”.

Damo Moreira

Business Analyst

Starting with Bron out of college, Damo thrives off the client satisfaction and multilevel data management that Bron provides. With work experience from over 3 countries, Damo’s diverse background provides innovative insights and unique solutions to complex problems. When not in the office Damo enjoys cooking with his wife Alex and outdoor adventures with their dog Loki.


Dakarai Jones

Systems Administrator

A man who’s focus knows no limits, Dakarai’s quick adaptation at Bron has earned him his current position as System Administrator, from his beginning as a compliance specialist. He enjoys playing competitive sports, gaming, and dancing. He also may have a mild infatuation with Rubik’s cubes. He plans on traveling the world and capturing every moment through photo and video. In his spare time, he works on video editing and eating food. All food.