To celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th, the Bron Team participated in a costume party during our weekly all-hands call, and even created some Bron-inspired characters! The top three winners got to choose from a grab-bag of prizes; including a custom Star Wars bobblehead with their own face, a Star Wars drone, and a Death Star waffle maker. The participants and winners are listed below….

Bron associates with their character names from left to right, top to bottom:
Dorian Haskins – BRON-ba Fett
Robert Lee – Emperor Palpatine
Greg Crawford – BRON-by Yoda
Kai Myers – Rey
Francesca Dominguez – R2-D2
Tyler Jackson – Lando Calrisi-BRON
Karen Imwold – Stormtrooper
Alexis Myles – Kylo Ren
Tayler Franke – Queen BRONmidala (Second Prize Winner – she chose the custom Star Wars bobblehead!)
Eric Moore – Quarantine-3P0
Rasheema Maxwell – Maz Kanata (First Prize Winner – she chose the Star Wars waffle maker!)
Rachel Moore – Flight Suit Luke Skywalker
Jorel Sabado – Tiny Head Darth Vader
Jason Gembler – Tusken Raider (Third Prize Winner – he chose the X-Wing drone!)
Amy Lee – Process Leia

Rasheema Maxwell absolutely nailed Maz Kanata’s costume, Tayler Franke’s Queen BRONmidala makeup artistry was almost indistinguishable from her counterpart in Episode I, and Jason Gembler’s burlap-sack-and-PVC-coupler costume-on-a-budget Tusken Raider had everyone in stitches! Looking forward to next year’s videoconference in a galaxy far, far away….


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